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Northumbrian Lighthouses

South Shields Lighthouse, River Tyne, South Pier.

Located at the end of the River Tyne South Pier at South Shields this Lighthouse was built in 1895.

The lighthouse is operational and is used by ships approaching and entering the River Tyne along with Tynemouth Lighthouse, Herd Groyne and North Shields Lighthouses.

In the first photo on this page the lighthouse is viewed from Tynemouth Pier and in the background is the distinctive red and white ringed Souter Lighthouse.

The second photo shows the Tyne Pilot boat returning to the river after escorting a ship out to sea.

The third photo shows waves breaking over the end of the pier and lighthouse.

For more photos at South Shields please visit our Tyne Photos Website.

South Shields Lighthouse, River Tyne

Tyne Pilot Boat passing South Shields Lighthouse, River Tyne

Waves breaking over South Shields Lighthouse, River Tyne

Waves breaking over South Shields Lighthouse, River Tyne

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