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Coquet Island Lighthouse, Northumbrian Coast.

This lighthouse is situated on Coquet island which lies just off the Northumberland Coast at Amble.

Built in 1841 it is active with a red flashing light. One of it's keepers was the older brother of local heroine Grace Darling who used to visit home on the island by rowing boat.

Boat trips around the island can be taken from Amble Harbour.

In the first photo below the island is seen in late evening sunshine.

The second photo shows the lighthouse taken the shore beside Amble North Breakwater with a very long lens - in the foreground is Amble Pier.

The last photo shows the lighthouse at dusk taken from amble Pier.

For more photos of Amble and surrounding area please visit our Northumberland website.

Coquet Island Lighthouse

Coquet Island Lighthouse

Coquet Island Lighthouse

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